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Ecolateral launches the “Economix Indicator”

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Queensland’s new home buyers are set to save hundreds of dollars on their electricity bills with the release of a computer-based tool that predicts a home’s future energy use at the planning stage. TheEconomix Indicator, allows buyers at the early stages of planning their home, to make environmentally sound product and fitting selections, based on their predicted energy consumption.
Queensland’s Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability the Honourable Kate Jones launched theEconomix Indicator at the Housing Industry Association (HIA) GreenSmart breakfast on 11 May 2010 at the Alan Border Oval in Albion
The predicted spiralling cost of electricity makes the Economix Indicator tool an essential part of investing in a new home. Helping purchasers understand where their major energy consumption will occur in their home puts the control of quarterly energy use back in the hands of the consumer. With a predicted additonal 34,000 homes being built in Queensland in 2011 the inclusion of this tool will have a major impact on reducing the energy demand and carbon contribution of the residential sector now and into the future.

John Moynihan being congratulated by The Hon Kate Jones Minister for Sustainability and Climate Change at the launch of the Economix Indicator at the GreenSmart Breakfast

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