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Focus on Apartment Development in South East Queensland

Posted at October 23, 2013 | By : | Categories : Ecolateral Thinking


The increase in approvals published on Brisbane City Council’s PD-online and the profusion of gantry cranes on multi-residential sites around the city are an indication that apartment living is a very active sector of the construction industry in Queensland. The draft City Plan talks of densities of up to 300 people per hectare. This increased density will undoubtly put more pressure on the existing infrastructre that will in some instances require significant upgrades. These costs will be felt by developers as well as utilities, driving up the costs of apartments and driving down affordability.

Now more than ever it is essential that the energy consumed by individual units and the common areas within an apartment building are kept within acceptable limits. A compliant unit can be rated as low as 4 stars under the Queensland Development Code, bordering on business as usual demand levels for heating and cooling energy. Responsible development should aim at ratings closer to the National Construction Code standard of 6 stars and harness the marketing opportunity of selling more efficient and cost effective units to the market. The additional costs of delivering units 2-3 stars above compliance is so insignificant it doesn’t warrant consideration. The return on investment achieved from the increased marketability associated with an increase in star ratings can be measured in days rather than years.

Take the time to achieve efficiencies in design that can deliver higher star ratings and ensure your energy assessors maximises the benefits for you.


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