Livable Housing Australia Assessors

Accrediting buildings suitable for the future needs of our society

Livable Housing Australia (LHA)

One of the leading housing initiatives in Australia today for delivering adaptability is the Livable Housing Australia certification. Livable Housing Australia (LHA) is about delivering the design and composition of a building and its surrounds so that it can be accessed, understood and used to the greatest extent possible by all people regardless of their age, size, ability or disability. To deliver this, LHA has developed a national approach to recognising buildings that meet these needs into the future. It gives national recognition through its accreditation system, to buildings that demonstrate their usability & adaptability. Conformance with a logical and low cost set of performance criteria will earn a building Silver, Gold or Platinum certification. LHA certification is carried out by an accredited assessor to provide a third party, independent assessment of the guidelines allowing LHA to be confident of the continued credibility of the award over time.

The livable housing design involves designing homes to meet the changing needs of its occupants over their lifetime. It includes features that make homes easier and safer for families with young children, people with temporary injuries or mobility impairments and elders wanting to age in place and live in their homes longer. In summary, the LHA home environment enables the widest possible number of people to participate at home, in society, and to live independently.

Ecolateral are LHA accredited assessors who can provide both advise and certification of your home. This can save you expensive retrofitting if required and will also add value to your home at the time of sale.

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