NatHERS Star Rating

National House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) 6 star energy BERS rating assessments and reports

An energy efficient home is one that offers a high level of thermal comfort without being overly reliant on air conditioning and heating.

Minimum energy efficiency laws were introduced in 2003 to ensure that all new homes and extensive renovations were more comfortable to live in and used less energy during their lifecycle. Under the National Construction Code (formerly BCA), the energy efficiency of a dwelling can be assessed using any of the following methods:

  • + Modelling – verification using NatHERS approved modelling software
  • + Deemed to satisfy – Part 3.12 prescriptive requirements set out in the NCC
  • + Expert opinion – assessment for energy equivalence of housing design

Ecolateral can verify compliance using any of these methods depending on the building scenario.

Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) is a rating system that awards a star rating from 0 – 10 based on the potential heating and cooling requirements of a new home design. Generally a minimum 6 star energy rating is required to achieve compliance, although the Queensland Development Code allows for a 5 star energy rating in certain circumstances.

Ecolateral use the BERS Pro software and can provide star rating assessments on the following:

  • + Class 1 dwellings (freestanding houses)
  • + Class 2 dwellings (apartments & townhouse)
  • + Additions and extensions to existing houses

When a home is assessed and doesn’t meet the minimum requirements using the BERS software, we will provide cost effective recommendations to improve its thermal efficiency. These could include higher levels of insulation, targeted solutions for glazing, improved shading or using the QDC allowances if desired.

Why choose Ecolateral for your NatHERS Assessment and Certificate?

  • + We are Government recognised experts in sustainability (one of only three in South East Queensland) with a team of qualified NatHERS assessors, builders and trained architects;
  • + Engaging us early allows the design to be developed with compliance in mind, resulting in a lower risk of having to change designs at a later stage;
  • + We understand the science of buildings and their energy demands;
  • + We are competitively priced;
  • + We provide a comprehensive service;
  • + We are fully insured;
  • + We have accredited NatHERS assessors and can provide ratings for all Australian states and territories.

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